Car Towing Atlanta, Georgia

Are looking for fast, affordable towing in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area, choose All Georgia Towing. We have more than 30 tow trucks and 45 professional tow truck operators ready to serve you. And, our dispatchers are always standing by ready to ensure you receive towing and roadside service promptly. We take pride in our quick response times, arriving within 20 to 30 minutes on average. And the best part is, with All Georgia Towing, you’re guaranteed to receive excellent treatment. Whether you need a tow, a quick tire change, unlock service, or gas delivery, you can always count on us.
We even provide non-consensual towing, including fast and efficient apartment towing. There’s no need to put up with unwanted vehicles on your retail or rental properties. Simply call All Georgia Towing, and we’ll get you set up with signage for your parking lots and garages.

Your Car Towing Specialists

Classic Car Towing Service

You wouldn’t allow just anyone to drive your classic or exotic car so why would you allow an untrained tow truck operator to tow your baby? When you need a reputable towing company to tow your car, call All Georgia Towing. Our drivers are trained in the proper hook-up for flatbed transport and will safely transport your vehicle.

We always Recommend a flatbed tow truck to tow your classic or exotic vehicle. Our professional drivers pay attention to every detail while securing your vehicle. We use soft straps and take great care when loading and unloading your car to ensure a damage-free tow.

Whether you need a classic car towing, exotic vehicle transport, SUV tow service, or simply a truck towed, we’ll be there in a matter of minutes. We can tow your vehicle to whichever repair shop you want, or even tow it to your home. If you’re not sure where you should have your vehicle towed we can provide names for reputable automotive repair shops.

Our goal is to ensure every customer is delighted and fully satisfied every time. You deserve the best service available, and with All Georgia towing involved, you’ll get it in a timely manner. We want to thank you for allowing All Georgia Towing to be your premier towing company. We’re here for all your roadside and towing needs.


Are You Stranded On The Side Of The Road?

So you’re stranded roadside with an inoperative vehicle.
Imagine this is you. You’re late for work and frustrated, realizing you shouldn’t have canceled your multipoint inspection last week. Of course, you counter, that last week was extremely busy, and you were not about to miss your child’s play. Now sober, you decide that you aren’t going to put off having your car check-up ever again. The only thing is, that decision doesn’t take care of your car problems right now. RIGHT NOW you need a dependable and trustworthy towing company to come to your aid quickly.

We have the solution. When you call All Georgia Towing for wrecker towing, we will arrive within 30 minutes and provide you with the service you need for your car. You pay us, and we’ll provide you with a receipt that you can then submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. What can be simpler?

Dependable,Reliable, And Love What We Do.

24 Hour Towing And Roadside Services

Whether your vehicle has a dead battery, flat tire, needs an unlock or a tow, we’ll be there quickly to provide you with the roadside solutions that fit your needs.

If by chance you’ve found yourself in a ditch because you swerved to miss a deer, we can provide you with winching service to get those tires back on solid ground. And, heaven forbid, your vehicle has sustained damage due to the accident, we can swoop in and get you off the road and to the body shop of your choice, quickly and safely.