Flatbed Towing Atlanta, Georgia

Did you hit a pothole? Or was it a squirrel? Whatever it was, now you are stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire and no spare. Oh no! What do you do?

It’s no surprise that Atlanta has plenty of potholes and plenty of critters trying to cross the thousands of miles of roadway. But what may be a surprise to many, when they’re confronted with a vehicle breakdown, is that they don’t know what to do.

Fortunately, car problems can be fixed and finding a flatbed tow truck is fairly simple…if you know who to call. When your four-wheel drive car or truck won’t go…and now you need a tow…call All Georgia towing. When you do call, one of our trained tow truck operators, driving a shiny and clean flatbed tow truck will quickly be on his way to help you out of the mess. So, whether you need truck towing, car towing, or even motorcycle transport, give All Georgia a call.

Fast and Efficient Flatbed Towing Services

When you are having car troubles and need a tow truck near me fast, you need All Georgia Towing. Our flatbed trucks have a coverage area that includes all of the Atlanta Metro area. This means that we tow vehicles of all makes and models all day long, and we can provide fast equipment transport when you need it. So, when you need it moved, All Georgia Towing is the roadside service you need.

So, rather than waiting for your insurance’s roadside assistance to arrive, give us a call. We’ll provide you with the vehicle transportation you need and at affordable rates. Our goal is for every customer to be totally satisfied every time.

  • Local Towing Service

  • Long Distance Towing

  • Exotic Luxury Car Towing

  • Reasonable Rates

Your Car Will Ride in Style With Our Flatbed Towing

When you call a tow company to transport or tow your vehicle you should always look for a flat bed tow service. It’s the most secure way for your vehicle to be transported. Either for a long distance tow, a local tow to the repair shop or for vehicle accident recovery, flatbed tow trucks are the most efficient way to move your car when it can’t move on its own. Heavy duty towing is no exception. A landoll trailer is much more secure than wrecker towing because the towed vehicle is fastened securely to the bed. Always ask for a flatbed towing truck.

What Does It Cost For Flatbed Transport?

Flatbed Transport usually costs around $85 depending upon the services provided.

When you call All Georgia Towing for roadside service, what you’re doing is cutting the fat from the equation. Of course, you pay for the towing service up front, but what you no longer must endure is all of the added expense. We charge a flat-fee towing rate which includes a hook-up fee and a mileage fee. When you choose to use your insurance company’s roadside assistance, you’re paying even when you’re not using the service. Why waste time and money on a roadside insurance subscription plan when you can go straight to the towing company for towing service? All Georgia Towing provides the highest level service at phenomenally low rates.

Exotic Vehicle Transport Specialists

Do you drive an exotic or vintage vehicle? Have you just experienced problems with it? If this is the case, you’re going to need a tow. But you shouldn’t trust just any old towing company to do the job. The problem is your vehicle has special needs, and most towing businesses don’t have experience towing high-end luxury vehicles. Fortunately for you, All Georgia Towing specializes in exotic vehicle transport. Whether it’s for a long-distance tow or simply roadside service, trust us with your classic car towing needs. You can count on us to get your muscle car to the show or the repair shop. Need enclosed vehicle transport? Call us.

Flatbed Tow Trucks For All Types of Vehicles

The flatbed tow truck is good when moving an all-wheel-drive, or four-wheel-drive vehicle, but did you know that we can also tow equipment? Whether you’re in the construction business and need a skid-steer or forklift moved from one job site to another, or you’re a weekend warrior working on a spring landscaping job and need a trencher or tractor, count on us to help. We take the hassle out of getting things done. Don’t rent a truck and trailer to move your equipment, avoid the fees and frustration by calling All Georgia Towing for all your flatbed tow truck needs.