Jump Start Service Atlanta, Georgia

Did you leave your lights on? Maybe you have an old battery, and you need a jump start to get to the store to buy a new battery? Well, you’ve come to the right place. All Georgia Towing will help you in a matter of minutes after you give us a call. Our skilled team can assist you no matter where your vehicle is parked. Yes, even if it’s in the garage. We have extra long industrial cables that work perfectly for hard to reach areas like your garage. If it doesn’t start because it’s an issue that’s not your battery, we will tow it to your shop. You say you don’t have a regular mechanic, no problem, we can suggest several local superior shops that can take care of you. To sum it up, All Georgia Towing is the one to call for all your towing and roadside assistance needs. We provide superior service at an affordable rate.

DYI Jump Start

How To Prevent Needing A Jump Start

First of all, Rather than being concerned about your battery only when you need a jump start, we suggested having your battery serviced every 3 months or so by a repair shop you trust. Having your battery serviced will ensure you won’t be stuck waiting on someone to jump-start your vehicle because of a bad or old battery.

Secondly, sometimes it is human error. We have all been there a time or two. Leaving your headlights on or maybe even your dome lights overnight will drain your battery, even if it’s a new one. So, maybe creating a checklist you perform every time you get out of your vehicle will help prevent you from leaving them on. Headlights off, check. Dome lights off, check.

Thirdly, testing your car battery is a good idea. Again that goes back to battery maintenance by your auto shop. You can do this yourself, but if it needs to be replaced or even if there may be other electrical issues going on, you are already at the shop, and your mechanic will be able to diagnose and assist you right away.

But, if you want to do this yourself, with the engine off, and you know your battery should have a full charge, the battery should have a charge around 12. 4 volts or more. With the engine on, you should see between 13. 5 and 14. 6 volts. A quick and easy way to test your battery yourself to see if it’s showing signs of weakness is to start your car and turn on the headlights. If the headlights increase in intensity when you increase the RPM’s, this means there’s an issue related to the charging system, and you should have your car checked by an experienced mechanic.

Regardless of if you need car towing or damage-free motorcycle towing, you can always count on All Georgia Towing to assist you for all your towing roadside assistance needs. No matter the time of day, or even the weather. There’s no need to go it alone because you’ve always got us by your side. We’ll arrive within 30 minutes and provide you with the superior service you need with a friendly smile.

Battery Boost Your Car

Are you a do-it-yourselfer kinda person? To help you out, we’ve put together a guideline to jump-starting your own vehicle. But, don’t forget All Georgia Towing is here to make life easier for you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we would love to do the start for you to get you rolling on down the road quickly.

Jumper cables normally have a set of clamps marked red for positive, and one marked black for negative. The battery terminals are marked with a + for the positive terminal and a – for negative. If they are corroded or dirty, then you will want to clean them off with a towel gently. You will want to have the battery clean on both vehicles. Referring to the owners manual if you have any questions on your vehicle is a must.

    • Pull the running car next to the one with the dead battery, positioned close enough so that the cables will reach. Turn off the ignition on both cars.
    • Next, clamp one end of the positive cable to the dead battery’s positive clamp. Then connect the other end of that cable to the other battery’s positive clamp.
    • Now, connect the negative cable to the negative terminal on the good battery. And, connect the other end of the negative cable to a ground on the vehicle with the dead battery. This can be the engine block or another metal surface away from the battery or the negative post of the good battery. VERY IMPORTANT…be careful not to touch the two ends of the cable together while doing this. Most importantly, perform all procedures in a safe manner.
    • When it starts, disconnect the cables in reverse order and let the problem car run for at least 20 minutes to allow the battery to recharge before shutting it off.

If it doesn’t start, there is another problem that needs to be addressed. For instance, you may have bad battery cables. If that is the case and you need your truck, car, or vintage vehicle transported to a repair garage, give us a call at All Georgia Towing, and we’ll give you a helping hand.
We also provide other roadside assistance services. So, if you accidentally lock your keys inside your car, run over a nail and get a deflated flat tire, or even if you just forget to fill up your gas tank and need a couple of gallons to get you to the next stations, you can call on All Georgia Towing for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.