How to choose the best tow company in Alpharetta, Georgia?

When you are looking for a tow company in Alpharetta, Georgia, if you’re like everyone else, you probably pick up your phone and search “towing near me” or yell at Siri and say, “I need a tow truck.”  When you conduct that search, Google does its best to provide you a paid result first.  All the results include both paid ads as well as the local towing company business listings.

Statisticians tell us that human beings, 34% of the time, choose the first thing they see on Google’s front page. Consequently, many times, that first result on Google a paid advertisement. So, the question you must ask yourself is this, Is it a wise strategy to allow Google to choose the towing company who comes to your rescue?

Truth be told, we also have paid advertisements on Google’s first page. It’s hard to compete against human nature.  But we suggest that you do a little research, just in case you don’t see All Georgia Towing on that first page.

We’ve been around for more than 10 years, but, just because a business has been around for a while doesn’t mean they are a good towing company to have tow your car. They may have leadership challenges that run deep, communication challenges, loads of negative online reviews, and even untrained and unkempt tow truck, operators.

All Georgia Towing is a 10 year old company, but we’re relatively new to the online world, with a website that’s mere months old, but we invite you to take a look. Here look at our reviews.

The Best Method Of Choosing A Tow Company

First, do this; take a look at all towing company’s online presence. Investigate their website.

  • Go to the tow company’s website, and check if it’s neat, clean, and up-to-date.
  • Does the towing business provide you with real images of people working in their organization? Or is it just stock images and pictures of their trucks? (we’ve got real people)
  • Does the company list their services, towing and roadside assistance?
  • Are they willing to provide you with information related to their company culture? Do they tell you what they care about?
  • Are they abundance thinkers, or scarcity thinkers?
  • Does this particular towing business support the community or just talk a good talk?
  • Do they have loads of quality raving online reviews? Are they proud to showcase their reviews on their website?

Secondly, How’s Their Tow Company Social Media Look?

Go to the business’s Facebook business page and check in with them. See if they are engaging with customers.

  • Does the towing business have a large number of recommendations? Reviews?
  • Does the company post regularly and engage with those who have like their page?
  • Check out their Google Business Listing. Does it contain a large number of quality online reviews?

Next step is to simply call. Get on the phone with the towing company

  • How was their phone answered? Was it with a single word? “Towing.” Or did they say the name of their business and express their desire to help?
  • Is the dispatcher empathetic to your needs?
  • Do you get the feeling that the whole company is customer oriented or company oriented?
  • Does the dispatcher ask questions designed to get an understanding of your needs? Or are they quick and to the point, giving you a feeling that they would rather be somewhere else than on the phone with you? The point is, the best way to know if your car will be treated with care is by how YOU are treated over the phone.

A tow company who cares

All Georgia Towing has been providing towing and roadside assistance services for more than a decade. It’s our pleasure to have the opportunity to help the motorists traveling in and around the Alpharetta, Georgia area.  When you find yourself needing to make a decision of which towing business to call, don’t let Google decide for you, you deserve the best care for both your car and your family. That’s what you get when you choose All Georgia Towing. We’ll get your vehicle to its destination, quick and hassle-free.