Are you looking for a tow service Atlanta?

Now that you have landed on All Georgia Towing Service’s website, we would first like to say thank you for checking us out. But, if you’re here, it’s probably because you need assistance with your car. If that’s the case, simply click on the “Call For A Tow” button and a friendly towing company dispatcher will get you the help you need.

Roadside assistance and tow service for Atlanta, GA

At All Georgia Towing, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide the best service at affordable towing rates. Our company has won numerous awards for outstanding service. And, when you call us for roadside assistance in Sandy Springs, Georgia, we promise that your professional staff will get you back on the road as soon as possible.

What do our tow service offerings include?

If you’ve driven in the Atlanta area then you know that traffic can be quite gnarly. In fact, Atlanta ranks fourth worst for traffic in the entire United States. So, if you’re in need of help while out on the roads you’ll want to know what kind of wrecker services we provide.

Of course, reasonably priced towing is the main service we offer. But did you know that the most desirable type of towing is our specialty? Yes, it’s true. Flatbed towing is the most desirable type of towing service requested and that’s what All Georgia Towing specializes in. With more than 31 flatbed tow trucks and over 45 tow truck operators, our fleet of service professionals is rivaled by none.

So, if you’re driving the Atlanta Metro area and are experiencing difficulty with your car, give us a call. We’ll get there as fast as the traffic will allow.


What does it cost to tow my car?

When it comes to towing your cars and trucks, the question that we get most often is; what does it cost to tow my car? The answer to that question depends on more than a few factors. So, whether it’s a wrecker that you need or a flatbed towing truck, we always like to ask questions before we come out and provide you with tow truck service. Here are some of the questions we ask.

  • What kind of issues are you experiencing with your vehicle?
  • What type of vehicle are you driving?
  • Where is your vehicle located?
  • Where would you like your vehicle towed?

Once we have the answers to these questions we’ll be better able to provide you with a rate for tow services.

Dedicated to Excellence

To provide you with the highest quality experience, we ensure that all of our wrecker operators are highly trained and receive ongoing operator education. When it comes to handling your vehicle we follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, as well as best practices for the towing industry.

So, whenever you find yourself in a situation where you need towing or roadside assistance with your car, truck, motorcycle or SUV, give All Georgia Towing a call.