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Do you drive a truck and live or passing through Atlanta and need a tow or roadside assistance? Here at All Georgia Towing, we are equipped and have the skilled human resources to help you. Our trained operators are ready and willing to help you. Whether you drive a truck that’s a four-wheel-drive, an all-wheel-drive, or a two-wheel drive vehicle and you have a breakdown, we want you to call the best towing company around. At All Georgia Towing, we have a fleet of more than 35 tow trucks to serve you. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond anywhere within the Atlanta area within 20 to 30 minutes.

Reliable Truck Towing

How To Find A Truck Towing Service

“I think today I will plan to have a vehicle breakdown.” Said no one ever! No one wants to have a flat tire, run out of gas, leave their lights on, or have an accident. We understand, here at All Georgia Towing that no one, and we mean no one looks forward to having to call for a tow truck. So, we have put together four things to consider when choosing a towing company to tow your truck.

The first question is, why do you need your vehicle towed? When you call a towing company, this information will be important to them, and the dispatcher should ask you this question as well as what kind of vehicle you are driving. It’s important to know if it is a four-wheel-drive, two-wheel-drive (front-wheel or wheel rear-drive). This information will determine what type of truck that will be sent to tow your vehicle.

Secondly, not all tow truck companies have your best interest in mind. As with any industry, there are good guys and bad guys. A great way to find the “good ones” is by talking to family, friends, neighbors, and even co-workers. More than likely, someone close to you has had a tow truck worthy mishap. If you’re not from the area and you are looking on google, check out their google reviews to see what kind of star rating they have.

And the third thing to consider is the true cost of towing. Don’t choose a company solely on price. The majority of towing companies are reputable, but no one likes to overpay. Be sure you completely understand the charges. Towing companies charge a hook-up fee and tow miles. If you need roadside service such as a tire change, you will be charged a service fee and en route miles from the home base of the towing company you chose. What else might impact the cost? If your off the road, stuck in the ditch or the mud, be prepared to pay a little extra because these may require more work.

Fourth, how do they treat you on the phone? Is the dispatcher friendly? Did the dispatcher answer all your questions? Were they knowledgeable and helpful about your problem? Listen to your gut instinct; if the dispatcher doesn’t take the time to be helpful and care about your problem is an indicator of what to come when you hire them.

All Georgia Towing provides exceptional service at an affordable rate. Couple with our goal to ensure every customer is Totally Satisfied every time, choosing us is the smart choice. As the best tow truck company in Atlanta, we service over 8,000 customers every month. So, you could say we’ve been around the block a time or two.

Quick Towing And Response Times

At All Georgia Towing And Recovery, we are a towing company that puts you first. With over 35 tow trucks and 45 tow truck operators and dispatchers, we are fully staffed to meet the public needs. Above all, we promise to provide the highest quality of customer service available because you deserve it. No one likes to have to wait on a local tow truck. That’s why All Georgia Towing offers fast and affordable towing and roadside assistance services. Our time of arrival usually ranges from 30 minutes or less. And we are a true full service towing company. You can count on us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter the weather.

Call us All Georgia Towing and Recovery for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.