Atlanta’s Premiere Wrecker Company

Here at All Georgia Towing, we believe in working hard. The best things in life our helping out others when in need. We have all been there a time or two sitting roadside either from a flat tire or needing a tow. Because our tow truck operators also own vehicles that have required a tow here and there too. With that said, they have been in your shoes and truly understand how compassion and respect goes a long way when helping those stranded roadside. And we believe this has helped us become the premier wrecker service in Atlanta, Georgia.

That’s not the only reason. Our team at All Georgia Towing is highly trained and use the most up-to-date equipment and towing techniques to provide you with a damage-free tow. We believe in being available when you need us and will put you first. You can count on our team to respond to your call quickly when you need vehicle to service. Because we believe your time is important and understand the longer you are sitting roadside waiting on a tow truck, less of your time will be used for what you need to get done. Or you will have less time to do what you enjoy.

24 Hour Wrecker Company

Servies A Wrecker Company Provides

There are numerous services a towing company provides. But, the most important service is helping those who need assistance roadside, whether you need a tow or a roadside assistance service.

What most people think of as being the only service a towing company provides is, of course, towing. Yes, towing is a staple service. The towing could be performed by a wrecker tow truck or a flatbed tow truck, also known as a car carrier. With the flatbed tow truck being so versatile, a towing company can also transport equipment such as a forklift, bobcat, and even a small tractor. All the towing services can be done whether you need a short tow across town or a long-distance tow to another city.

And then there are what is called roadside assistance services. These services can include changing a flat tire to bringing air for a low tire. Of course, if fido locked you out of your vehicle, we can reunite the two of you. And that includes emergency unlock service for when your baby is locked into a hot vehicle. You can also count on a towing company to start your vehicle if you left your lights on, whether it’s an interior light or your headlights. Maybe you hydroplaned and ended up in the ditch. You can call a service provider to winch you out of the ditch.

There are other services, as well. But if you are not sure if you have a situation roadside or in your driveway that a towing company can help you with, the best thing to do is pick up the phone and give them a call.

Here at All Georgia Towing, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have a full staff that is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. Our dispatchers are knowledgeable and will listen to your concerns to ascertain whether or not you need wrecker towing or a flatbed towing service. Don’t hesitate, give us a call at All Georgia Towing, we have a team of professional, trained towing operators, dispatchers, and the right equipment to handle any job you throw at us when you need us. And we’ll quickly get you rolling back down the road again.

The best thing about calling All Georgia Towing for our wrecker service is we will arrive promptly to provide you with the services you need. The process is easy. Just give us a call, and our dispatcher will send a trained tow truck operator who will arrive within 30 minutes.

Ensuring Your Car Is Safe

All Georgia Towing will treat you and your vehicle with respect. Our tow truck operators are wreckmaster trained and know their way around every make and model vehicle on the road. We carry more insurance than the state of Georgia requires. Not only is our operators highly trained, but they have the experience. We provide towing services to more than 7000 motorists every month, so our tow truck operators have great on-hand experience. With our experience and insurance, you can rest assured your vehicle is safe no matter what you drive.

Our equipment includes more than 35 tow trucks, and with a full staff of more than 45 tow truck operators, we are always ready to meet motorists’ needs who live n in Atlanta or are passing through. Plus, we keep our fleet clean and well maintained for your comfort. With our attention to detail, well-trained staff, and want to provide every customer with a satisfying towing service that rivals no other, our goal is to keep you calling us when you need towing or roadside assistance services. So, whether you need an affordable car unlock service, a flat tire change, gas delivery, towing service, or even a simple jump-start, All Georgia Towing is available to assist.